Dreams and Mythologies 18th April - 5th May 2007 Charcoal Drawings.
Paul Rumsey's work stems from the tradition of the fantastic and grotesque. He draws both on mythology and fairytale and on contemporary items from the news. Some ideas come from dreams, when half asleep. Using metaphor and allusion allows him the freedom to explore any idea from the exterior political to the internal psychological.

Philosophers and Globe
Charcoal 106 x 68 cms

Charcoal 75 x 55 cms

Artemis of Ephesus
Charcoal 75 x 55 cms

Head with Scaffolding Tower
Charcoal 106 x 68 cms

Sisyphus and Rock
Charcoal 55x 75 cms

Charcoal 64 x 104 cms

Charcoal 106 x 68 cms

Bodyhead with Vase
Charcoal 42 x 27 cms

Charcoal 55 x 49

Charcoal 29 x 25 cms

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